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The unique Atlantic Coast degree program designs and prerequisites, provide you with a savings of your two most valuable educational resources: your time and your money.

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Earning Nationally Recognized Board Certification in Specialized Subjects Will Provide New Training and Skills to Expand Your Profession.

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  • College of the Bible Degree Programs
    The Bachelor of Arts is available in five Concentrations. With no prior college credits, the B.A. can be earned in the Accelerated B.A. Majors and Minors degree program. Read More
  • The Doctor of Pastoral Counseling
    The Doctor of Pastoral Counseling is designed to provide you with the skills necessary for legitimacy and competency in the counseling field. The Doctor of Pastoral Ministry can be earned in combination with either the M.A. or M.Div. Read More
  • The Master of Science
    in Christian Administration

    Step up to Management! Investigate the personal benefits of earning the Master of Science in Christian Administration degree to have a more effective ministry, business, or as an educational additive to your current vocation or profession. Read More
  • M.A. and Accelerated M.Div. Programs
    Atlantic Coast Seminary offers M.A. courses in: Biblical Studies; Christian Counseling; Counseling Women; Pastoral Ministry; Pastoral Ministry for Women in Ministry; and Theology. The M.Div. is offered as a terminal degree, or D.Min. prerequisite. Read More
  • Doctor of Ministry Degree Program
    The Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry degree program is practical, flexible, and designed to provide you with Bible and ministry focused courses and audio lectures which will fine tune and broaden your ministry skills. Read More
  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program
    Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary has adopted the British Model for the awarding of the Ph.D. degree. British Universities award the Ph.D. on the basis of an acceptable thesis. At universities in the U.K., the term thesis is usually associated with the Ph.D. Read More
  • Doctor of Theology Degree Program
    The Th.D. program is offered to pastors and adult learners who have a desire to enhance their theological knowledge, ministerial skills, and teaching competence. Its design gives it a stronger theological specialization than Read More


Essential Components In Our Online Degree Programs
by Dr. J. Robert Shigley, Director of Admissions
During the past twenty years I have spoken with thousands of men and women about how to best accomplish their degree goals. In thinking about the topics we discussed in these conversations, there are degree program components which the majority of the students were seeking. These components are Read More




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