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During the past 16 years I have spoken with thousands of men and women about how to best accomplish their degree goals. In thinking about the topics we discussed in these conversations, there are degree program components which the majority of the students were seeking. These components are:

  • Freedom to study at their own pace and time;

  • Fast-track program without courses which are non-relevant to students in ministry study;

  • Modest tuition rates with a time payment option and no hidden fees;

  • Practical degree program applicable to ministry, containing lectures by qualified instructors;

  • Conservative in biblical doctrine, while being applicable to all Protestant denominations;

  • Grants and/or financial scholarships to reduce the degree program cost.

Dr. Robert Shigley

I am delighted to say that the Atlantic Coast College of the Bible and Seminary degree programs are a perfect match for the majority of students who are seeking a college or seminary degree for theological/ministry knowledge and academic recognition.

Complete the Free Online Evaluation Form and I will email my recommendation to you. Or, send an email to me at: with personal information. Or, after looking at the degree information on the website, call me at 386-405-7866.

Dr. Robert Shigley

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