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The Fast Track Combined B.A.
and M.A. Degrees Program

Designed to Accelerate the Completion
Of Your College and Seminary Education

Completed M.A. Study
Award Certificate

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This unique program enables the new undergraduate student to rapidly progress through the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements and become a college graduate with the B.A. degree in Biblical Studies. Immediately upon completion of the B.A. degree, the graduate becomes a Theological Seminary student in the Master of Arts program. One of the four Major Concentrations can be chosen. For individuals with an interest in Christian Administration, the M.A. may be replaced with the M.Sc. degree.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is awarded either after completion of the Graduate Studies Preparation Module in the Bachelor of Arts program, or following the completion of the M.A. degree Major Concentration. Neither degree can be awarded until the tuition fee for the Fast Track is paid.

In most instances, the B.A. and M.A. degrees can be earned on the Fast Track in one year or less. After earning the M.A. degree, the graduate can immediately begin the Ph.D. thesis only degree program. In addition to the Ph.D., the M.Div., Doctor of Ministry, and Th.D., are alternative degree programs available to the graduate following completion of the M.A. degree.




The Fast Track Combined B.A. and M.A. Program consists of three Components that are essential for a bona-fide and well rounded total learning experience in the shortest period of time. These three essential Components are:

Biblical Knowledge: This is achieved in the Graduate Studies Preparation Module which is required in the Bachelor of Arts portion of the combined program. The Graduate Studies Preparation Module contains two major sections consisting of studies in the 39 Old Testament books, and studies in the 27 books in the New Testament. The textbooks for the Graduate Studies Preparation Module are in the Module Online Resource Room. No textbooks are required to be purchased.

Life Learning Experience Credits: All mature learners have life experiences which contribute to their knowledge. Experience in ministry, administration, or positions requiring specific skill sets, add to the educational value of Life Learning Experience. These are recognized by the awarding of college level {LLE} credits.

Major Professional Focus: This is achieved in the Master of Arts with courses in the Major Concentrations. These are offered in the Seminary and in the Seminary level Division of Women’s Studies.

M.A. students are given a password to enter the Online Seminary Resource Room for the Master of Arts Major Concentration Curriculums. Study Guides, textbooks list, alternative textbooks list, and a wealth of additional biblical study helps with hyperlinks to enriching online sites are also in the Online Resource Room.




Each Applicant who is desirous of earning both the B.A. and M.A. degrees has a different mix of previous college level education (or none); credits leading to an Associate degree; and a number of Life Learning Experience years. Each of these variable elements has a specific value in determining the requirements for successfully completing the B.A. and M.A. in the shortest period of time.

Because of the variable elements which each Applicant can use for the program design, maximizing the learning experience, and minimizing the time necessary to complete the Fast Track Combined B.A. and M.A. Degree Program, the variables will be combined in a personalized Fast Track Combined B.A. and M.A. program in the Applicant’s best interest by an Admissions Counselor.



To receive a personalized program based on your mix of variables, a budget friendly tuition fee
for the Combined Program, and information about the Financial Grants currently available, begin
your educational experience by calling Dr. Robert Shigley at: 812-401-0831

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