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Have you often wished that you had a mastery of the Bible? Have you desired to have a real grasp of the Word of God which would qualify you to teach with confidence, in-depth studies from the Old Testament and New Testament? To have knowledge of the entire Bible which enriched your personal life, and also provided you with facts to discuss biblical issues with believers and non-believers? You need to be prepared to confront the growing anti-Christian Counter Culture that is rapidly increasing in the U.S.A. and around the world, at an alarming pace.

The Certificate in Mastering the Bible is the solution for you.

In addition to being the perfect solution for men and women who do not want a college degree, but want to have in-depth Bible knowledge, the Certificate in Mastering the Bible is also a vital component in the Atlantic College of the Bible Bachelor of Arts Major and Minor Concentration program. In the Seminary Christian Counseling programs, it is available as an optional Biblical Knowledge Foundation program for those who begin the M.A. in Christian Counseling with a bachelor’s degree without a major in Bible, or Religion.

The Certificate in Mastering the Bible

  • There is no educational prerequisite. The Certificate in Mastering the Bible is available to everyone who has a God given desire to Master the Bible so they can teach others the Word of God.

  • When you register for the Certificate in Mastering the Bible, you are given a User ID and password to a restricted site in the Online College Resource Room.

  • In the Online Resource Room you will find the textbook for the 39 books in the Old Testament. The author is the President of Atlantic Coast College. In textbook format, this book is in its 14th printing. The Online Resource Room textbook for the New Testament is written by a New Testament scholar. He has earned the M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Ph.D. from the University of Southern Illinois. Because these textbooks you need to master the Bible are in your Online Resource Room, no other textbooks are required to be purchased.

  • The Certificate in Mastering the Bible Study Guide is designed for these two Online Resource Room texts. They are in an easy to read font size. As you scroll down the attractive pages, your mind and spirit will be thrilled with rich insights and biblical knowledge to enrich your life and personal ministry as you master the Bible.

  • The average time required for most students to complete the course Projects and earn the Certificate in Mastering the Bible, is 30-60 days. However, this time can be more, or less, depending upon the amount of time you devote to your online studies each day.

  • The nature of the studies is based entirely upon the Word of God, and will become your source of daily Bible study, devotions, and in many instances, the complete source of materials needed for your, Sunday School lessons, Bible study, and expository sermons.

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The Certificate in Mastering the Bible is imprinted and awarded on an Atlantic Coast College of the Bible Certificate with seal. If you selected this biblical foundation course as an option in a Master of Arts Christian Counseling program, it is awarded on a separate Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary Certificate with seal.


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