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  Several years ago, the Lord impressed on my spirit that I get my education. Working full time and being in ministry, I did not have the time or money to stop my life to attend school. I had to study 100% online. Before Atlantic Seminary, I enrolled in two other schools. Neither had what I was seeking. I needed a program to challenge me and and dig in deep in the Word. The other two schools did not. I could have easily "faked" my way through their degree programs, and received a degree that was not earned, only paid for. At Atlantic Coast my curriculum is not for those who do not want to be challenged! I am now several classes into my B.A. program. My experience thus far has been stellar. The classes are intense, deep, and require hard work, but the rewards make it all worth it. Each class I finish, I know I have grown not only in knowledge, but in my personal walk with the Lord. The staff I have dealt with have been wonderful. To get the little personal encouragement notes on the class work I turn in tells me that the faculty here, unlike the other two schools, actually do look at the work I send in and take the time to review it.

If you want a faculty who care about students and expect the best effort from them, I encourage you to enroll here. You will not be disappointed!

Andy Corbett


  My study time in the M.Div program been enjoyable, enthusiastic, and encouraging. The materials have increased my understanding and given me a panoramic view of the Scriptures and ministry. Having enrolled in this online study after six years in the classroom, my teaching, preaching, and communication skills have been elevated in this program.  I believe the choice I made to enroll is the perfect choice for me and will pay many dividends in my kingdom work.

Rev. Michael J. Moss


  It has been both enriching and life-changing to work through the courses you offer for completion of my BA in Biblical Studies. I've been learning so much and using the instruction in my daily life through an expanding knowledge of the Scriptures.

  The method of study and submitting work causes the me to dig deep and really learn. The assignments require good critical thinking and reasoning. For personal spiritual growth and the opportunities that the degree earned will open, I would highly recommend this college and seminary, especially to those who have a need for distance learning. The faculty is actually close at hand by email or phone, and the encouragement and Christian love they express is a genuine support as I study.

Patti Parsons


  It has been a life-changing experience from the moment I saw the opportunity to study with Atlantic Coast Seminary.

  As I near the end of the Master's program, I am much more a thoughtful and compassionate person, pastor and teacher. I am certain that the course material has been a key contributor to my personal progress.

  My satisfaction with Atlantic Coast Seminary is also due to the guidance, evaluation, and encouragement I have received. My advisor gave me a nudge in the direction of fuller content, and this advice became the guiding light as I prepare my Projects.

  The seminary is meeting my need as advertised: I study at my own pace and while I have not had the need to seek advice often, the staff who have assisted me have all been prompt, courteous and helpful. I have enjoyed every challenge, even when I have had to work harder to get back onto my timetable. Studying theology with Atlantic Coast Seminary  has been one of the most fulfilling chapters of my life.

I have recommended the seminary to my colleagues.

Elbert E. Joseph


I am so grateful to have found Atlantic Coast Seminary! I use what I've learned on a daily basis. I know the Lord is using my learning experience as I meet with people in our church's Biblical Counseling Center to grow me in my walk with Christ; to depend on the Holy Spirit; and to help bring spiritual and emotional healing to the hurting. Without this education I would not be as effective in the ministry.

Alice Meyers, Ohio


  I have been studying with Atlantic Coast since May of 2011. My courses included books by awesome and inspiring authors such as Troy Reiner, Kay Arthur, Susan Dunlap, Steve Moyise, Mary Comm, Dr. Peter Lord, and K.B. Haught. My submissions became very lengthy and it was hard to keep them within the required number of words without exhausting my professors. I will apply all that I have learned to help in my ministry, as well as to educate others on the topics I have learned.

  Spiritually, I have grown to a new level from these courses. I would like to personally thank you for the opportunity of studying with your school. It has truly been a blessing to me and to the others that have joined me in my Christian walk.

Tonya C. Smith


  Since I began my studies I have discovered many interesting things that I never had observed before. As I mentioned in several of the past course submissions, what I have learned in this Seminary is incredible.

  God has revealed many things to my personal life and for the church that I am leading. Several things are changing in the Baptist Church of Maranatha because I have applied the concepts and knowledge from the courses. With this knowledge, I have a better vision for the ministry. People in my congregation can already see the change. This Pastoral Ministry program has challenged me to organize the congregation in several positive ways.

Rev. Iliobert Berson


  I am writing to confirm that I received my grade for "PM506: Mentoring."  Thank you once again for your time in grading and your encouraging comments. I have been teaching and preaching from the materials I have studied.  My study experience has been priceless on many levels.  Atlantic Coast Seminary is just what I needed at this point in my life and ministry.

Robert L. Ervin


  Being a student at Atlantic Seminary has been an exciting learning experience. I have enjoyed the courses and am looking forward to receiving my master's degree. I am also thinking about continuing for a higher degree. The seminary staff are very easy to relate to. They are professional and were always on hand if I had a question. I would recommend Atlantic Coast College and Seminary to anyone who asks!

Ethel H. Taylor


Dr. Moore,

  Thank you for allowing God to use you for me in this program. You have been a great blessing this year. Your encouragement motivated me to continue reading, studying, and writing. Only one more course to go. This has been a most rewarding challenge.

Gilbert Ordu, Ph.D


  I have found my master's degree studies at Atlantic Coast Seminary  to be very rewarding. Also, my studies with Atlantic Coast have been beneficial in assisting me to reach my goals in ministry. Therefore, I am interested in also completing the Doctoral program in Philosophy.

Thanks again for your assistance in aiding me to reach higher heights.

Antwon Lewis

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