Completed M.A. Study
Award Certificate

The Fast Track Combined M.A.,
or M.Sc. and Ph.D. Program

Designed to Accelerate the Completion
of Your Seminary Education

Completed Ph.D. Study
Award Certificate

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Prerequisite: A bachelor’s degree in any field of study or discipline.

Program Objectives: To enable individuals who are aspiring to earn a Master of Arts, or Master of Science degree to achieve this educational goal. Then, exceed this aspiration in a Fast Track Combined Degrees program concluding with the Ph.D. degree.

These objectives are in compliance with the recent federal government administration’s request to educational institutions to develop Fast Track degree programs which will place qualified persons into the workplace more rapidly than old traditional programs. We believe this also applies to ministry.

Fast Track Combined Degrees Benefits

  • Reduced Tuition Fee for the Combined Degrees

  • Special Financial Grants

  • Free Six Month Extension for the 12 Month Registration. 18 months for program completion. Fast Track allows completion in 12 months or less, depending on the time dedicated to the Master's & Ph.D. degree requirements.

  • An enriching educational experience resulting from either the M.A. Major Concentration, M.Sc. in Christian Administration and segue into the writing of the Ph.D. thesis. The thesis provides the doctoral candidate opportunity to finalize the information and learning experience in the Master's program and add to the existing and current field of knowledge. The thesis can often become a published work by the graduate.

  • The Fast Track program reduces the time which would be required if the Master's and Ph.D. degree programs were earned separately. The Fast Track program allows a portion of the Master's curriculum to transfer into the Ph.D. thesis, reducing the minimum number of words required.

Personalized Summary
If you have often dreamed about the possibility of earning a doctorate to enhance your knowledge, ministry or profession, yet with only the bachelor’s degree, you believed that your dream could never be realized, the Fast Track is your answer.

Your bachelor’s degree, from a state college, Bible college, or state university will fulfill the prerequisite for the Fast Track program. As you study 100% online, from any location with your computer, you will be motivated to move rapidly through the courses for the Master's degree which will be awarded upon completion. Then, your personal Ph.D. Advisor will immediately begin working with you in the development of your thesis. The Master's and Ph.D. degrees can become a reality for you.

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Call our Senior Admissions Counselor Dr. Robert Shigley at 812-401-0831
for full Fast Track details and amount of the Special Financial Grant.
The Financial Grant will substantially reduce the tuition fee
and make the Master's and Ph.D. a reality for you.

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