Graduate School of Religion and Theological Seminary
Master of Science in Christian Administration

 Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree

 Credits: 32

 Tuition Fee: $3,950.00


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 Master of Science in Christian Administration Degree Program Description


Each course in the Master of Science in Christian Administration requires two textbooks. Because of the curriculum structure and specific subject matter in each course, there are books from Christian and secular perspectives. No electives can be used to replace the eight core courses in the Master of Science in Christian Administration Curriculum.

Each course may be personalized by the books you choose. You will choose the two required books from the list provided for each course. Select the books which will meet your expectations for the degree program outcomes, and how they will customize the course to benefit your ministry or profession.



Master of Science
In Christian Education
View the Textbook List for this Degree Program
Management 501
Communication 501
Finance 501
Marketing and the Internet 501
Ethical Leadership 501
Administration 501

Strategy and Planning 501

Economics 501

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