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There is a Required Track to Complete a State Licensed College or Seminary Education

Most individuals in ministry, or those who are preparing to enter the ministry, aspire to earn a Doctorate degree. Many mid-career adult learners do not know that to begin any Doctoral program, you must have first earned a bachelor and master’s degree. This causes many to dismiss the hope of completing an advanced education. Age may also be a consideration in making a decision. However, because the field of Education has changed during the last decade, your goal to earn advanced degrees can be achieved in a few months instead of several years.

If you have little or no previous college background, and desire to earn the doctorate, your Life Learning Experience enables you to earn a bachelors and masters degree within 12 months. You will then be qualified to begin a doctoral degree program. Summary: When you complete the Fast Track Combined B.A. & M.A., or B.A. and M.Div., in less than 12 months you can begin a doctoral program. Another option is the new Triple Degree program which includes a B.A.; masters; & doctorate degree, which can usually be completed within 24 months.

If your desire is to complete only a bachelor’s degree, visit our Institute of Practical Ministry. Your program will be ministry and/or theological training, rather than academic achievement.

How Important is it for You to Honor Your Call to Ministry?

Being legitimately educated to perform your ministry responsibilities is to honor your calling! Are you willing to make a "short-time" sacrifice and be academically prepared to deal with people's lives and souls to honor your calling? Remember the words of the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, "What is it you would have me do Lord?" Paul honored his call and prepared himself. A legitimate theological education is needed in these difficult times!

The Challenge of Your Call

To formally equip and prepare yourself to perform ministry responsibilities is to honor God’s call on your life to His service. However, to set aside this responsibility is much like practicing medicine without finishing medical school. Theological education is a 21st Century requirement.

Of course there is a sacrifice in many ways, including financially. But after all, if Christ had not made His sacrifice, you would have no call to respond to. Now is the time to prepare for the task ahead with a skill building theological education.


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