Doctor of Ministry

Program Overview

The Doctor of Ministry curriculum contains a full spectrum of the important issues for which 21st Century men and women in Christian ministry must be thoroughly prepared. The Doctor of Ministry degree program curriculum is a mix of eight courses which are necessary for a successful contemporary ministry. Each course requires the selection of two textbooks for which Projects are required. An Audio Lectures subject list and textbook list is provided below. Four subjects are to be selected for personal enrichment in the D.Min. program.

The study program is culminated with the writing of the Capstone Project. This is a comprehensive summation of the learning experience in the degree program. It must include how the learning experience will be implemented, or is now being implemented, in the Degree candidate’s ministry. This fulfills the requirement for validation of Practical Ministry Outcome.

Program Materials

These electives can replace one or two courses.
You may replace required textbooks with alternative textbooks.

Doctor of Ministry Audio Lectures

The D.Min. curriculum contains audio lectures which enrich the courses and your learning experience. There are no Projects related to the audio lectures. However, when you submit the Projects for the final course in the D.Min. curriculum, you are required to affirm that you have listened to every audio lecture. You are also required to refer to the audio lectures in the Capstone Project which is to be submitted with the Projects for the final course in the Curriculum.

Optional Major Focus Subject Courses & Textbooks List

Explore the flexibility you can experience as you customize your degree program with the addition of a Major Focus, or a mix of as many as three courses from the Major Focus courses offered. The optional Major Focus in your degree program can replace three courses in the Master of Arts curriculum. If you add these to the two elective courses, or select two more from a Major Focus, you will have created a personalized degree program which is ideal for your educational and ministry goals and objectives.

Project Submission

Use the upload link to submit your Course Projects. All submissions must be in a Word Document format and include one of the two cover pages below. (Simply copy and paste the content and insert as page 1 of your assignment.) Please do not submit the next course project until the previously submitted course has been reviewed and returned from the instructor. If you do not have access to Microsoft Word,  please visit this page.

Other Resources