Master of Divinity

Program Overview

Review your Registration Form to confirm which of the three Cores you are required to complete for the M.Div. degree. This Resource Room includes the access portal to Core One, Competency in Scripture (if required); the instructions and Study Guide for Core Two, the Ministry Major Curriculum (required); and the instructions and Study Guide for Core Three, Ministry Minor Curriculum.

The Selections are listed to the right. Be sure to confirm with the Admissions Counselor the appropriate course of study for you:
With a Bachelor’s Degree Only: Three Core Program Required
With a Bachelor’s Degree and Professional Ministry Experience: Two Core Program Required
With a Bachelor’s Degree and 32 Transfer Credits, or a Master’s Degree: Two Core Program Required
With a Professional Doctoral Level Non-Ministry Related Degree: Two Core Program

Program Information

The courses and Project assignments in the three Cores allow you to increase your knowledge in the subject matter of the courses and develop your creative writing skills in the Review and Response (reaction) Essays related to the textbooks in Core Two. The courses have been designed to ensure that you achieve the learning outcomes you are expecting from your M.Div. degree program of study.

Audio Lectures

There are no Projects related to the audio lectures. However, when you submit the Projects for the final course in the Concentration, you are required to affirm that you have listened to every audio lecture. You are also required to refer to the audio lectures in the Summative Examination which is to be submitted with the Projects for the final course in the Concentration.

Purchasing Textbooks

It is recommended that you purchase your textbooks from Amazon – you will see titles, prices, and availability of both new and used textbooks required to complete the Project assignments required in your courses. There are many online sources for these books. You are not required to buy your books from Amazon. Do your research; decide on the titles for each course; locate the source which is the quickest and least expensive. Then make your purchase one course at a time. (You should not purchase books for more than one course at a time.)