Technical Support

“I can’t open any of the study guides or documents on the website.”

All of the documents are in Microsoft Word format. You must have a copy of Microsoft Word or compatible program installed on your computer in order to view and work with the documents in the Resource Room.

A FREE Microsoft Word compatible program called LibreOffice is available at the following sites, if you should need it:

For Windows Based Computers

For Mac OS Computers

(If you use the LibreOffice software, please make sure to save your document using the “save as” function and selecting the .doc for the extension on the end of the file name.)

“I can’t play any of the Audio Lectures because of a ‘Missing Codec’ error message.”

The mp3 files in this resource room are playable with no additional software on most Windows and Mac computers.

If your computer does not have a media player capable of playing the files, you can download a completely free player (VLC Media Player) from the links below:

Windows version

Mac OS X version