B.A. in Biblical Studies

Graduate Studies Preparation

For those with an undergraduate degree in a secular discipline, the Graduate Study Preparation Module is the prerequisite to begin the Master of Arts program. The GSPM is a complete overview and analytical study of the Old and New Testaments, and provides the biblical foundation necessary for successful completion of the curriculum. 

This Module has three purposes:

First, it removes the deficit credits in your college education so you can be awarded the B.A. degree in accordance with the several provisions in the Fast Track program. This Module has a 32 college credits value.

Second, the in-depth studies in both the Old and New Testaments will provide you with the biblical knowledge required to be awarded the B. A. in Biblical Studies.

Third, you will have the writing experience and biblical foundation to successfully complete the graduate level Master of Arts degree program.

Please note the NT reading is in pdf format. File size 2,514KB.

Project Submission

Use the upload link to submit your Course Projects. All submissions must be in a Word Document format and include one of the two cover pages below. (Simply copy and paste the content and insert as page 1 of your assignment.) Please do not submit the next course project until the previously submitted course has been reviewed and returned from the instructor. If you do not have access to Microsoft Word,  please visit this page.

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