Each Major Focus subject contains three courses. For the Combined B.A./M.A. Concentrations, select one textbook for each of the three Major Focus courses. For the M.A. Concentrations, M.Div. and Doctor of Ministry, select two textbooks for each of the three Major Focus courses. The textbook selections are made in the Online Resource Room. Elective courses and the Major Focus courses are completed in the same manner as all other courses in the curriculum. Instructions are in the Online Resource Room Study Guide.

BP000 Biblical Preaching I

Preaching with Passion: Sermons From the Heart of the Southern Baptist Convention… James T. Draper, Jr.

Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Preaching… Haddon W. Robinson

Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: A Contemporary Hermeneutical Model… Sidney Greidanus

Preaching and Teaching with Imagination: The Quest for Biblical Ministry… Warren W. Wiersbe

BP001 Biblical Preaching II

Reaching Generation Next: Effective Evangelism in Today’s Culture… Lewis A. Drummond

Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture: The Application of Biblical Theology to Expository Preaching… Graeme Goldsworthy

Preaching to a Postmodern World: A Guide to Reaching Twenty-first Century Listeners… Graham Johnston

BP002 Biblical Preaching III

The Art & Craft of Biblical Preaching: A Comprehensive Resource for Today’s Communicators… Haddon W. Robinson and Craig Brian Larson

The Study of Evangelism: Exploring a Missional Practice of the Church… Paul Wesley Chilcote and Laceye C. Warner

Preaching with Variety: How to Recreate the Dynamics of Biblical Genres (Preaching with Series)… Jeffrey Arthurs and Haddon W. Robinson

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