Meet Some Our Graduates

What Our Students Say

“Atlantic Coast Seminary provided me with high quality studies that were relevant and the option to learn at my own pace. In reflecting back over my studies for the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, it has been well worth the investment of my time and resources. I have learned a tremendous amount that will directly help me in my personal life as well as in my role as pastor.

The courses supplied enough options to give me the opportunity to tailor the studies to my needs, while at the same time ensuring that I received the training needed to achieve the degree objectives. The audio lectures were relevant on all fronts. The topics are crucial to pastoral ministry and each of the speakers did a fine job of relaying the information in an engaging manner. I had been concerned that I would not be able to find the time, or that I would be too exhausted from my other responsibilities, to properly study and learn. What I discovered was the exact opposite. I found the learning experience to be invigorating. I looked forward to each course and each text within every course. Each course provided me with new learning and reinforced my understanding of pastoral ministry.”

Pastor Wes Burnett

Fort Mill, SC

“I received my Ph.D. and Doctor of Divinity Degree from Atlantic Coast College and Seminary. Dr. Robert Shigley and Dr. Frank Moore were very inspiring and encouraging. I highly recommend the Atlantic Coast College and Seminary.”

Dr. Tony Rundles

Mt. Pleasant, TX

“I am a wife to a great husband and the Mom of three beautiful daughters. My profession is a hair stylist. So, what is the world does a hair stylist need with a degree in counseling? Only your hairdresser knows!

I meet women and men of all ages and have the opportunity to spend time with them monthly. In doing so, I get to know my clients on a very personal level. People are lonely and want to share. They tell me numerous details of their life and at times ask me to pray or help. I never plan on having a counseling ministry. I want a firm foundation of knowledge to help others.

Since beginning the B.A. in Christian Counseling, I have spent time with my step-daughter and helped her through some tough situations in her life, and also with my niece whose mother took her own life. I know without a doubt God will use me in this and I know that this is part of His will for my life.”

Joan Snow
Bachelor of Arts

Dear Principal, Faculty and Tutors:

My experience at Atlantic Coast Seminary was most rewarding. I graduated from both the M.Div. and Th.D. program with distinction. The reading and written requirements were demanding, but I was able to apply the principles of God’s truth with the academic prowess the courses demanded.

I am proud to have been a student and recent graduate (September 2018) of Atlantic Coast Seminary. Drs. Shigley, Rodgers, Moore and our Chancellor Dr. Hadley were all a tremendous help in my academic achievement. My prayer is that the school continues to grow to impact the world for Christ through solid educated men and women. To God be the glory. As a recent graduate of Atlantic Coast Seminary I am proud to be a member of the institution’s alumni. I highly recommend ACS.” 

Rev. Dr. Emanuel Elizé e
St. John’s Antigua & Barbuda,
West Indies

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