The Fast Track Program Purpose

To enable Theological Seminary Distance Education students to complete their M.Div. and Doctor of Ministry degrees in months instead of years, using the Atlantic Coast Online Seminary Resource Rooms study system.

The Fast Track Program Goals

To provide the candidate with advanced knowledge of the purpose of ministry; increased competency in ministerial skills; and the ability to integrate the courses in the M.Div. and Doctor of Ministry curriculums, so that upon during the time in the program, and following the completion of the program, these new skills and knowledge can be successfully implemented for ministry enhancement.

To prepare the graduate to use the new information about the practice of ministry, mentoring, ministry leadership, personal spiritual growth, and challenging others to spiritual maturity, to be more effective and efficient, in ministry and related fields.

The M.Div. Core & Doctor of Ministry Goals

  • To train the candidates with a biblically based mix of courses that will apply Scripture to the issues that are challenging the gospel in contemporary culture.
  • To prepare the candidates in a specialized area of ministerial practice with one of the two Major Focus options, to such an extent that the graduates will have a positive influence for Christ on their congregations and upon their communities.
  • To form in the candidates a solid biblical foundation for theological inquiry with a refreshed view of ministry as it relates to worship, preaching, and leadership.

Overview of the Two Fast Track Programs

The Combined M.Div. and Doctor of Ministry degrees program is offered as Fast Track One and Fast Track Two, depending upon the previous education of the Applicant. Each of these Tracks offers a Major Focus in Ministry Leadership, or Ministry Skills in the two optional Doctor of Ministry curriculums.

Fast Track One is designed for the Applicant who is entering the program with a master’s degree. Or, 32 master’s level transferable credits which will replace the master’s degree requirement.

Fast Track Two is designed for the Applicant who is entering the program with a bachelor’s degree in any field of study or discipline.

How is the Fast Track Combined Degrees Program Designed?

The best components of distance learning and ministry education are combined in our Fast Track Model. It is built upon a solid foundation of biblical theology and ministry theory. Each of the courses in the M.Div. Pre-Doctor of Ministry Core contains Projects that are based upon the textbooks required for the courses.

Following the completion of these courses, the M.Div. Pre-Doctor of Ministry Core experience will be summarized by the candidate in the Capstone Project. This writing project serves to prepare the candidate for Doctor of Ministry level studies.

The Major Focus curriculums in the two Doctor of Ministry Tracks contain the courses that form the Major Focus. Both Major Focus options have related audio lectures for personal enrichment. These are in the Seminary Online Resource Room and can be listened to and enjoyed at any time with the student’s computer speaker system.

The Ministry Leadership  Focus lectures are:

The Ministry Skills  Focus lectures are:

  • Leadership for Managers and Administrators
  • Communication for Administrators
  • Management Science
  • Pastoral Mentoring
  • Performing Ministry Responsibilities
  • Dynamic Pulpit Communication

Each audio lecture series contains many hours of information which will create a seminary classroom atmosphere. The presentations are by experts in their fields and will hone the candidate’s skills in these subjects.

The strategies related to ministry in the Major Focus will be used by the graduates throughout their ministry careers.

Fast Track One


A master’s degree in any field of study. Or, 32 transferable graduate level credits.

Academic Requirements:
Master of Divinity Pre-Doctor of Ministry Core
Doctor of Ministry Major Focus

Click here to view the curriculum & textbooks for Fast Track One.

Fast Track Two

A bachelor’s degree in any field of study.

Academic Requirements:

Master’s Level Biblical Competency {MLBC}
Master of Divinity Pre-Doctor of Ministry Core
Doctor of Ministry Major Focus

Click here to view the curriculum & textbooks for Fast Track Two. 

These program objectives are in compliance with the federal government administration’s request to educational institutions to develop Fast Track degree programs which will place qualified persons into the workplace more rapidly than outdated traditional programs. We believe this also applies to ministry.

The Atlantic Coast Mission is to provide you with the courses, technology, and academic support to ensure that you obtain the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials to maximize your potential for the demands of the 21st Century.