Atlantic Coast offers you the degree program of choice if you desire a high quality, Practical Ministry education. The degree programs contain textbooks and audio lectures which have been designed to create for you a virtual classroom environment to enhance your learning experience.

You study at your own time and in your own place. There are no course submission deadlines or mandatory study schedules. You determine how quickly you will complete the requirements for your degree.

Resource Room Audio Lectures

The Online Resource Room audio lectures are available for online listening, during your time of your degree program. At the time of Registration, you can join and enjoy lifetime access to the wealth of Biblical and Ministry information in both the College and the Seminary Resource Rooms.

Old Testament Audio Lectures

New Testament Audio Lectures

  • Old Testament Synthesis I
    (Approx. 16 Hours)
  • Old Testament Synthesis II
    (Approx. 16 Hours)
  • Book of Genesis
    (Approx. 13 Hours)
  • Book of Daniel
    (Approx. 12 Hours)
  • New Testament Synthesis I
    (Approx. 16 Hours)
  • New Testament Synthesis II
    (Approx. 16 Hours)
  • Book of Hebrews
    (Approx. 13 Hours)
  • Book of Revelation
    (Approx. 16 Hours)

Pastoral Ministry Audio Lectures

Christian Leadership Audio Lectures

  • Dynamic Pulpit Communication
    (Approx. 8 Hours)
  • Pastoral Mentoring
    (Approx. 8 Hours)
  • Performing Ministry Responsibilities
    (Approx. 8 Hours)
  • Expository Preaching
    (Approx. 8 Hours)
  • Communication for Administrators
    (Approx. 6 Hours)
  • Management and Leadership Theory
    (Approx. 6 Hours)
  • Management Science
    (Approx. 6 Hours)

Visit the Resource Room each day to:

  • Read a daily devotional
  • Get sermon ideas and outlines
  • Find lesson plans
  • Read Bible studies and commentaries
  • Listen to the audio lectures
  • Visit the ministry-related sites
  • Master the past with the history timeline
  • Gather topics and scripts for youth program skills
  • Much, much, more

The Atlantic Coast Mission is to provide you with the courses, technology, and academic support to ensure that you obtain the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials to maximize your potential for the demands of the 21st Century.