Earn Nationally Recognized Board Certifications

in Specialties to Enhance Your Ministry, Profession or Occupation.

Nationally Recognized Board Certification in a variety of Specialties is not equivalent to a college or seminary degree. The subjects have been designed to enhance the earned degree and provide in-depth studies in the degree Major, while adding additional fields of specialized knowledge. An example of this is the medical doctor who has Nationally Recognized Board Certification in a Specialty. Board Certification by Atlantic Coast is designed to provide additional training in Specialties to enhance one’s profession, ministry or occupation. They are not designed to meet what may be federal, state, or local requirements for certification or licensing.

You may register for more than one Board Certification at a time. Please contact Admission Counselor Dr. Robert Shigley to learn more at 386-405-7866 or drjrshigley@atlanticseminary.org. You will receive detailed instructions for completing the Specialty requirements by email.

List of Board Certification Specialties


Christian Administration
Christian Organization Leadership
Small Christian Business Management
Sunday School Administration

These Subjects are also beneficial for
Counselors in a clinical venue.

Addiction Counseling
Alzheimer’s Counseling
Anger Management
Christian Counseling
Christian Counseling for Women
Christian Patient and Family Counseling
Counseling Adolescents
Counseling Gays and Lesbians
Domestic Violence
Grief Counseling for Christians
Marriage and Family
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pre-Funeral Counseling for Christians
Suicide Prevention


Biblical Preaching
Chaplaincy for Men
Chaplaincy for Women
Christian Education
Church Music
Cross Cultural Ministry
Fitness for Christian Seniors
Health and Well Being: Fit for Christian Service
Hospice and Nursing Home Ministry
Pastoral Care
Prison Ministry
Senior Adult Ministry
Youth Ministry

Board Certification Fees

A Nationally Recognized Board Certification Certificate is awarded to validate your Specialty.
More than one Board Certification may be earned.

Board Certification Specialty 
included with an Atlantic Coast degree program: $250.00 per Specialty

   Board Certification Specialty not included with an Atlantic Coast degree program: $350.00 per Specialty

Awarding Fellow Status in Your Profession

Fellow is a senior rank, or title, demonstrating advanced or exceptional achievement,
particularly in professional fields.

You have the opportunity of becoming a Fellow in one of two professions. This advanced status is displayed on your Atlantic Coast degree certificate beneath the degree title. It is also displayed on your transcript. Beyond this, you will have the opportunity to become a member of the  Seminary Fellows in Christian Counseling, or in The Seminary Fellows in Ministry, by submitting your email address to the Atlantic Coast Administration Office at the time of certification.

Fellow Status Requires Four Board Certifications in Counseling or Ministry.

Fellow Status Fees

Four Certifications included with a degree program: $850.00

Four Certifications not included with a degree program: $1,100.00

Here is a sample of a Degree certificate with Board and Fellow Certifications:

Select from the following to view the list of textbooks associated with the Atlantic Coast Degree Program courses for the nationally-recognized Board Certification Specialties:

Just as other professionals enhance their occupations with a Board Certified specialty, you can enhance your occupation, and learn specialized skills that will prepare you to perform in a Board Certified specialty, after receiving your Board Certification in one or more of the specialized subjects. Previous education or experience are not required to qualify for a Board Certification program.

Regardless of your occupation or profession, you can benefit from Board Certification in one or more these Specialties. The studies for Board Certification provide you with additional knowledge and skills to be involved in the Specialties that can interface with your present profession, occupation or ministry. Board Certification also enables you to expand your activities into many of these fields.

The Atlantic Coast Mission is to provide you with the courses, technology, and academic support ensures that you obtain the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials to maximize your potential for the demands of the 21st Century.