You can now receive an honorary doctorate degree with your ministry experience, and no prior college education requirements.

Atlantic Coast Seminary is now offering two new HONORARY DOCTORAL DEGREES to recognize your previous ministry and/or music experience:


The Doctor of Divinity is the only Doctoral-level degree in ministry that is recognized worldwide, and is the Doctoral degree of numerous acclaimed and influential pastors and evangelists.

The Doctor of Sacred Music is a prestigious degree that honors the years and commitment of those involved in Christian music. This includes music directors, choral directors, singers, musicians, and those who also professionally perform Christian music.

Now, you don’t have to wait years completing a Bachelors and Masters degree in order to carry the title of “DOCTOR”. NO PREVIOUS EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND IS REQUIRED TO RECEIVE THESE COVETED DEGREES.

These new degrees have just been approved, and are being offered at an affordable awarding fee of only $650, plus a $50 Processing Fee. This awarding fee is an introductory offer and is likely to increase in 2023. To take advantage of this opportunity and carry the recognized title of “Doctor,” contact us at to provide your life learning experience and review the information to receive your Doctoral degree.

Your years serving God can now be recognized and honored with the “Doctor of Divinity” or the “Doctor of Sacred Music.”

The Atlantic Coast Mission is to provide you with the courses, technology, and academic support to ensure that you obtain the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials to maximize your potential for the demands of the 21st Century.