Our Mission is to Prepare Graduates for a Well-Rounded Ministry

The Atlantic Coast College and Seminary integrates theological study with ministerial study. This will deepen the graduates’ personal faith formation. Each course also contributes to the formation and the practice of some aspect of the graduates’ degree program Concentration and ministry.

Theological Formation

Education for ministry requires the study of the Bible and related subjects which are necessary for success in the chosen degree Concentration. Atlantic Coast is committed to preparing leaders who can preach and teach the inspired Word of God, while thinking creatively about how to utilize their newly acquired ministry skills in the Christian and secular communities.

Ministry Formation

Education for ministry requires Atlantic Coast students to integrate their unique personal assets with specific ministry, counseling, and leadership skills which are taught in the courses required for the degree. These include, but are not limited to, preaching, leadership in worship, counseling, biblical studies, theology, teaching, and administration. The courses will also develop qualities of leadership and deepen the graduates’ ministry identity.

The Atlantic Coast Mission is to provide you with the courses, technology, and academic support ensures that you obtain the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials to maximize your potential for the demands of the 21st Century.