The Master of Science in Christian Administration will prepare you for a leadership position in either a Christian, non-profit, or corporate setting. Unlike the Master of Business Administration, which focuses on leadership in financial or economic corporations, the Master of Science in Christian Administration prepares you for biblically-based leadership.

Learning Objectives

Graduates of the degree program will be prepared to:

  • Use administrative and managerial theories to solve problems within the organizational structure;
  • Select appropriate strategies and tools to solve administrative problems and design programs and projects to further the objectives of the organization;
  • Synthesize information and make decisions for positive outcomes;
  • Apply the concepts of finance and economics to solve fiscal issues; and,
  • Implement the marketing, communication, and internet skills learned in the degree program to enhance the organization and achieve the objectives.

Program Description

Each course in the Master of Science in Christian Administration requires two textbooks. Because of the curriculum structure and specific subject matter in each course, there are books from Christian and secular perspectives.  No electives may be used to replace the eight core courses in the Master of Science in Christian Administration Curriculum.

Each course may be personalized by the books you choose. You will choose two required books from the list provided for each course. Select the books which will meet your expectations for the degree program outcomes, and how they will customize the course to benefit your ministry or profession.

About the Degree

The Master of Science in Administration is a post-graduate degree which was developed by major universities in the 1970s. Its core purpose is to prepare the graduates for leadership positions in a wide range of government and non-profit institutions. The Atlantic Coast Master of Science in Christian Administration core purpose is to prepare students for leadership positions in both Kingdom-related ministries, institutions, and organizations requiring trained leadership.

The curriculum is designed to empower the students to cultivate their God given potential and talents, and to gain mastery of the knowledge, skills and 21st-Century techniques required for effective leadership in the religious and global community.

The MBA-style course mix, pulled thru a biblical grid, provides the students with a balance which will prepare them to confront the leadership, management, strategy and planning challenges in current and future religious and secular organizations.

“Since my undergraduate degree is in accounting and finance, the M.Sc. degree builds on this and gives me a practical view of the ministry. The courses in this program have caused me to go beyond some of my thinking during my years of preaching and teaching. I believe that my preaching has been changed for the better because of these studies. The faculty of ACS has been extremely great to work with, and the comments that come back with the grades are very helpful. I highly recommend this school.”

– Pastor Alfred Daniell

The Atlantic Coast Mission is to provide you with the courses, technology, and academic support to ensure that you obtain the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials to maximize your potential for the demands of the 21st Century.