Why Study for a Degree at Atlantic Coast?
Dr. Robert Shigley

Secularism, and the ideologies of the political elite, are a serious threat to the dignity of life and to believers who cling to their Christian belief in a secular society. Secularism has now become a culture and has evolved into a destructive religion. Many people have no compassion, or concern, for other people’s property, belief system, or the well-being of others. God, Jesus, and Christianity are pushed aside. Many believers are hesitant to confront the secular culture and profess that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior.

God works through people. Those He has called to serve in ministry must be biblically educated to confront and challenge the problems this secular assault on human dignity, and disbelief in God, and Christian lifestyles of individuals and families. The courses in the degree programs offered by Atlantic Coast Seminary are designed to advance the effectiveness of those who serve in ministry, and be biblically trained to push back on what has become a secular impending storm of anti-Christian culture.

At Atlantic Coast, you can, “Study thyself to be prepared” – II Timothy 2:15.

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